Student and investigation group at the Pontificial Xaverian University. Since out beginnings in January 2015, we have been dedicated to the discussion, investigation and difussion of knowledge related to political economy. Established in Colombia and member of the Rethinking Economics global network we hope to promote new, pluralist and interdisciplinary ways of aproaching  economical, political, environmental and social topics.

This are our members:


Professor Luis Carlos Reyes – Tutor


David Caicedo – Founding Member

Juan Manuel Ramos – Founding Member

Juan Iregui – Founding Member

Santiago Camargo – Founding Member

Santiago José Arias – Founding Member

Luisa Fernanda Ballén – Founding Member

Mateo Bastidas – Founding Member

David Herrera – Founding Member

Marlon Piñeros – Founding  Member

Heylana Porras – Founding Member

Martha Moreno- Founding Member

Gunzareiman Villafaña – Founding Member